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 It all began back in 1980, when Chuck was just 15, and he decided it was time to fix up Dad’s 1950 F-1. After carefully looking it over, it was obvious that many parts would need to be found to replace what wasn’t repairable, so the hunt was on for a parts truck! Chuck and his father found a pretty nice ’49 F-1 for $100.00, and had it towed home. It would have yielded about everything that was needed for the ’50, but it was too nice to part out, so he restored that truck to be a daily driver. This required more parts trucks, many trips to swap meets, and lots of trips chasing leads from ads in the paper. Before long, Chuck had many more parts than he would ever need, so the ad went in the paper, and a business was born!

 A few years and several dozen parts trucks later, Chuck finally found the time to restore Dad’s truck. He wanted it to be the best 1950 F-1 possible, with every factory option, so that’s what he did. He painstakingly filled every flaw in the frame, and worked his way up until the truck was like new again. Now all that was left was to win some trophies.  After numerous 1st place awards, it was time to take it to an Early Ford V8 Club of America show, to get the most prestigious award possible for a Ford. The Dearborn Award. First time on the concourse, the truck scored a perfect score of 1000 points out of 1000! After that, it was time to get the truck in some magazines, so in the Summer of ’95 it made the cover of Ford Truckin’! After all that publicity, people started to ask Chuck to restore their vehicles, and the parts business grew into a restoration shop as well.

 Today, Chuck’s Trucks, LLC is a full service restoration facility, having turned out numerous Dearborn award winning Fords. All Ford’s are serviced; cars to large trucks. All stages of restoration are handled, from minor repairs to full body offs. Chuck is known for his careful attention to detail. If a part can’t be found, it will be made.  

 Chuck is well known for his interest in original four wheel drive converted Fords, and specializes in parts and services on these rare vehicles. So much so, that Chuck attracted the attention of Marmon-Herrington, who now lists his business as the official go to for any of their customers who call with needs for any of their older conversions.

 Chuck’s Trucks, LLC is your one stop shop for all of your Ford parts and service needs. The company is an authorized distributor for all major manufactures of vintage Ford parts, and even manufactures a few parts in house. Chuck himself always answers the phone, and he sees to it that your parts order gets filled correctly every time! Free expert tech support is always provided as well.

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